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OPAL Hydrogen Water is a powerful antioxidant. "Hydrogen Water", also known as "Hydrogen Infused Water" or "Hydrogen Enriched Water", is pure water, added with hydrogen molecules. Hydrogen molecules are the smallest molecules which enables them to instantly penetrate deep into your body. Since hydrogen functions as an antioxidant, it helps to prevent cell damage, can reduce inflammation, provents our body from gene mutation and maintains good order of cell growth.

OPAL Hydrogen Water uses world leading technology to a physically infuse purified water and hydrogen. This means that no other nasty chemicals are added or used in the process. OPAL Hydrogen Water is the most effective way to deliver more hydrogen into your body thanks to the advanced nano mixing technology.


Where do I start with this amazing water.... it improved our family dog's health, improved my wifes bowel movements, stops mozzie bite itch immediately, my skin on my face looks more youthful, gives me more energy while training, soothed and reduced flared eczema... the list goes on.... Love how Opal is the first of its kind to naturally infuse hydrogen produced by the latest sound vibration technology .... AMAZING!!! Opal Water has been the best investment for our family and we will never stop drinking it...

Review by Dee 15/10/2020

love the opal hydrogen infused water i drink a couple cans every day gives me a boost of energy. Even rub it on my hands, arm and face its doing wonders for my skin. my family are also using it and is helping them with any ailment they have thanks to the bro Carl for putting us on it.

Review by Willy Waa 17/9/2020

Drinking Hydrogen water, helps with my back pain due to a herniated disc in my back. I'm so relieved and happy with the results.

Review by Cathy 23/8/2020

After I drink this I sleep much better and the next day I have more energy! Sometimes I splash some on my face and skin and it’s very refreshing and feels great.

Review by Andy 14/7/2020